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Sunday, February 18, 2007

BOOYAKASHA! Blog Topic Determined

Good evening fellow classmates,

After much thought, I finally decided on a topic for the nooch net nook blog: Da Ali G Show. Anyone who has even seen a snippet of the controversial HBO television series knows that this show is chock-full of gender, ethnic, racial, and religious stereotyping and degradation. I personally find the show amusing, but almost feel guilty laughing at the scandalous and sometimes appalling jokes made by any of the three characters on the show, all played by British actor Sasha Baron Cohen. Women are one of the main topics of discussion in many episodes. In addition to Da Ali G Show, I will also blog about the Borat Movie, starring Borat, one of the three characters on Da Ali G Show. This movie is an overdose of political incorrectness: all taboo subjects are touched upon, or feverishly groped. There will surely be plenty to blog about this semester.

All for now, toodles!

-Miss Nooch

  • A scholarly article criticizing the many controversial aspects of Da Ali Show, including misogyny: Voice of the Turtle
  • The Blog of an Uzbekistani! his feelings on Ali G and Borat, a character despised by the Uzbekistan people: Thoughts of Uzbekistani
  • A blog community dedicated to social change; this particular blog focuses on Ali G: Z Net
  • Another blog about Borat and his hit movie about the Cultural Learnings of America: Borat 101

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